Our Services

Installation and Removal

Slickline and E-line.

Cables removed will be stored and cataloged.

End For End

Slickline or E-line.

Depending on the wear of the line it's not always advantageous or possible to do so.

Tighten Armor

Possible on all braided lines.

Repair Broken Strands

Shimmed with S.S. .003

Remove Crossed Strands

If a crossed strand is not worn too badly, it can be chased out to the cable head end of line or back to itself.

Repair Kinks

We can repair most kinks in braided line unless there is severe damage to strands.

Locate Electrical Faults

Locate and cut out electrical faults in E-line.

Splice Conductor Cable

We can splice all E-lines from mono to multi-conductor.

Lubricate Cables

We can lubricate cables at your discretion or ours.

Fix Backspools

We can fix most backspools but not all can be saved, hourly rate applies on all backspools.


Fiber Optic Cable Installations

Open Hole Services

• Aut. magnetic cable marking

• Multi conductor splicing.

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