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"Innovation and experience to provide excellence in service"

Centrally located in Lacombe, Alberta, our Wireline Service Center has everything to provide you with top quality service; We have a fully equipped and specialized new shop, modern hydraulic equipment, a Linewise System for maximum accuracy and recordable data and a large fenced storage compound for storage and security.

With 24 years of combined experience and knowledge of all aspects of the wireline service and repair industry, chances are we have been working on your equipment for the past 12 years and would like the opportunity to continue providing you with quality service in our own shop. Meeting demand for another Wireline Service Center, central Alberta was the first choice for us, because of the amount of base stations and truck population in the area.

We would also like to extend an invitation to anyone in the industry to come and visit our facilities, Central Conductor Cable will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Logistically makes $ense

  • Time Management: Saving valuable time on your operators' log books, so they're not houred out when you need them.
  • Equipment: Hours and mileage saved on your equipment, better spent earning your company money in the field.
  • Fuel Cost: With the ever changing price at the pump, why burn up that extra fuel getting to your service center.
  • Budget: Savings on time, wear on equipmet, and costs all add up, giving you a better bottom line for your company.


  • Just like all of the equipment on your trucks, your cables need regular service and maintenance.

    Beat the rush and delayed booking by trying to get your Units' in when it's slow, or before they go down for service work.

    At Central Conductor Cable we will try to accomodate all of our clients to the best of our ability, to help you get back in the field.

    We would like to Thank You for your business, and work with you to set up a regular maintenance program for your lines.

Our equipment is second to none in the industry :

  • Available For Sale and can be shipped to USA or Overseas
  • Completely hydraulic and user friendly
  • Main components on one skid for easy placement and anchoring
  • Engineered using the latest in hydraulic components
  • Large diameter Capstan to accomodate any size line
  • Central control panel for all adjustments
  • Diesel or Electric power
  • Interchangeble post form rollers for any size line
  • Can provide complete system, including set up and training

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Quality Wireline

3414-52 Ave. Wolf Creek Industrial Park. Lacombe, Alberta. Canada.
Ph.(403)782-2238 / Fax.(403)782-3239 mail:info@centralconductorcable.com

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